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Flowers in a Vase
Purveyors & Arrangers of fine Flowers......

Flowers in a Vase provides a service that can cater to a wide range of requests including Weddings, Home, Gift your special Event. In consultation, each occasion is given utmost consideration and attention to provide individuality and personality - Consideration is also given to our flowers (& fundamentals) that are also typical to each season - in particular to the style and colour that best suits that special theme, design and occasion & to fit a range of tastes and budgets whilst always providing maximum visual impact and pleasure.

Flowers in a Vase not only provides a floral arranging service, we also cater to those who simply love flowers. Our flowers are purchased at the Melbourne National Flower Market and we pride ourselves (wherever possible) in sourcing and supporting our local growers - we supply a large and unusual assortment of frest cut flowers and foliage, more importantly we are committed to ensuring freshness and quality to provide our clients with long lasting, exclusive and beautiful Bouquet or bunches..

Flowers in a Vase offers a distinctive service purely driven by the passion of bringing together the individual character, natural beauty, form and texture of flowers, foliage and elements.